Schools Residencies
Jonathan Keep. School

School - made during six school residency
Six Schools Residency

Six artist working in six primary schools in and around Ipswich, culminating in a joint exhibition in the Ipswich Corn Exchange made for a very busy five weeks. The artists moved between schools so the skills on offer to each school included weaving, sculpture, painting, ceramics and tapestry. The exhibition included work made by the children, made in collaboration with the children, staff and artists and examples of work made by the artist during the residency

Jonathan Keep. Temporary studio.

Working in temporary studio
Stowupland High School Residency

The aim of this residency was to raise the students understanding and appreciation of the arts and crafts and how a professional artist operates. I created a studio for myself in the corner of one of the school's art rooms. During my time in school I worked alongside the regular teachers discussing ideas and helping with technical problems when appropriate. In addition I was able to work on several pieces of my own, including a series of wall platters for the school.Access by senior students was informal, with students working alongside, and engaging in a dialogue about their own individual projects. I also presented formal talks about my ideas and work using sketchbooks, drawings, slides, completed work and work in progress. Rowland Warboys, head of art at Stowupland High was insistent throughout that an artist in residence is not a teacher but a professional practitioner who happens to be working in the school and is a valuable resource to be appreciated.

Jonathan Keep. Wall Platters

Wall Platters