Network Europe 2002


Project Network is a symposium for recently graduated ceramic artists at the research canter Guldagergard, Museum of International Ceramic Art - Denmark.

The main idea of the project is to create dialogue within the younger generation of ceramic artists. The participants came from England, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.

Guest artists are invited to work along with the participants and give lectures on their work and professional carriers. The program includes workshops in graphic design and photography, together with profiling and exhibiting work.

A final exhibition of participants work was held at Grimmerhus, Museum of International Ceramic Art - Denmark.

Personal Approach

Form, as the dominant and most important feature of my pots is the area I chose to concentrate on during my period of stay in Denmark. This was a great opportunity to experiment and develope ideas and new work in dialogue with fellow participants and invited guest artists.

On the premise that the technique used to create form influences the form, I made use of a computer 3D modelling program during the project in an attempt to evolve fresh shapes and forms. I did not use the computer as a design tool but as a piece of new technology that through techniques such as cloning, distortions and modifiers can generate forms not typically visualised or created by ceramic techniques.

Jonathan Keep. Digital Pot

Digital image

Jonathan Keep. Crown Pot

Crown pot

Jonathan Keep. Clone Pot

Clone pot

Jonathan Keep. Arc Pot  

Arc pot

Jonathan Keep. Twisted Pot   Jonathan Keep. Torso Pot

Twisted pot


Torso pot