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David Rayson. Blackham road


Five Alive was a hands on interactive exhibition for those young at heart at the Wolsey Art Gallery, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich. Five works from the galleries collection became the starting point for five newly commissioned artworks.

HOME represents our successful family collaboration. Taking David Rayson's painting, 'Blackham Road' 1999 as our starting point, the theme of exploration was children's experience and identity to place, particularly the home. Rayson's painting is loosely based on memories of his childhood housing estate in Wolverhampton and draws attention to vandalism and litter.

Our work consists of two blackboard and perspex primal houses placed in the gallery surrounded by papier-mâché rubbish. Through offering visitors the most basic and direct form of visual expression - drawing - we aimed to generate a work where participants creativity becomes part of the work of art. We were looking for the work to develop through the period of the exhibition.

David Rayson Blackham Road 1999
Keep Family. Home
Keep Family Home 2002
Keep Family. Home
Keep Family Home 2002