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Jonathan Keep. Les Bicknell   Jonathan Keep. Les Bicknell   Jonathan Keep. Les Bicknell


creating space-dividing time

pairs of opposites

Jonathan Keep. Les Bicknell

What do you get if you cross a book with a pot?

Well that is what Les Bicknell and I attempted to find out with these works over a three years period. The answer to this riddle has resulted in a group of intriguing and engaging vessels. Exploring the rewards to be had in collaborating with another artist we also continued with our own individual particular interests, surrounding the holding of information either on pages or in the space occupied by a pot.

For Les and I the pot and the book are important as objects that exist as ideas beyond their immediate function. Made in editions of ten these works combined a variety of techniques, as diverse as computer typesetting and clay press moulding. A mix of materials have been used, such as etched glass, porcelain, gold leaf, carpet underlay, paper and terracotta clay. As tactile qualities are as important as visual qualities the scale of individual elements are designed to fit comfortably in the hand, requiring the viewer to manipulate and rearrange the elements for a fuller reading of each work.



Jonathan Keep. Les Bicknell

Jonathan Keep. Les Bicknell