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Unfold 3D Printed Pots
Stratigraphic Manufactury

Belgium design studio Unfold presented Stratigraphic Manufactury in the inaugural Istanbul Design Biennial. Joseph Grima, curator of the Adhocracy exhibition and editor of Domus Magazine, commissioned this new project featuring Unfold's continuing work in ceramic 3d printing and its implications on design and manufacturing.

Stratigraphic Manufactury offers a new model for the distribution of digital manufacturing to include local small manufacturing units that are globally connected. A set of digital 3d files of designs by Unfold were e-mailed to those of us around the world who have acquired the 3d printing production method that Unfold pioneered and open soured in 2009. We were instructed not to alter the digital files but were free to incorporate personal and local influences and interpretations during the production. Unfold wanted us to embraces local production variations and influences.

These new sets where then shipped to Istanbul and presented in Adhocracy in the context of a local manufacturing shop. A manufacturing unit was set up for the duration of the Istanbul Design Biennial 2012 to continue the collaboration with Turkish ceramists..

In collaboration with Jonathan Keep (UK), Eran Gal-Or (Israel), Tulya Madra & Firat Aykaç of Santimetre (Turkey) and Mustafa Canyurt (Turkey).

See Unfold website

Unfold - Belgium
Eran Gal-Or 3D printed pots
Eran Gal-Or - Israel
Jonathan keep 3D printed pots
Jonathan Keep - UK
Istanbul 3D ceramic printing display
Display - local manufacturing shop