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Jonathan Keep. Pole sculpture  

Garden Pole Sculptures


These large ceramic works are designed specifically for the architectural or garden setting in which they are positioned. The aim is to give a sensation, or felling that the sculpture belongs to the site in which it exists.

The natural fired colour of the clay is allowed to show, giving, a pallet from an earthy red, through brown, grey and touched with highlights of blue and turquoise glaze. These works are hand built, using a combination of slabbing and extruded elements. Fired to a stoneware temperature the sculptures are frost proof and depending on the design surprisingly robust.

If you require more information about these works or would like to discuss commissioning a similar project please contact me.

Out of Water  
Jonathan Keep. Ceramic sculpture  
Water Totem  
Jonathan Keep. Garden instilation  
Bird Totem  
Jonathan Keep. Garden sculpture
Jonathan Keep. Pole sculpture
Jonathan Keep. Pole sculpture
Blown Away Cartwheel Dancer
Jonathan Keep. Denmark sculpture Jonathan Keep. Denmark sculpture Jonathan Keep. Denmark sculpture
Monument to Acid Rain  
  See - Eaton Park Garden, Norwich