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Jonathan Keep. Tableware  

Domestic Ware Pottery - JK Pottery
Wonk Ware

Almost as a reaction to tightness of the colourful porcelain this range has been designed to be more relaxed, allowing the making technique to become more part of the design process. Made in an off white clay and fired to a low stoneware temperature it is well suited to daily use. The surface patterning is much simpler and has developed out of the intrinsic qualities of the materials and techniques used.

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Wonk ware
Jonathan Keep. Teaware
Wonk ware
Jonathan Keep. Kitchenware  
Standard Ware

This range of kitchen and tableware has become a real favorite for many customers over the years. Designed either with a blue or green banding in the decoration the tableware is made in a semi-porcelain clay and the kitchenware in a high firing red clay. The kitchenware is unglazed on the outside while decorated and glazed on the inside. All work is hand thrown and hand decorated, and can be used in the oven and is dishwasher resistant.

Standard Kitchenware
Jonathan Keep. Tableware
Standard tableware
Jonathan Keep. Colourful jugs  
Colourful Porcelain

Hand thrown in a semi-porcelain clay this range of ware is finely crafted and I am sure gives great pleasure to whoever uses it. Each piece is individually hand painted with coloured slips, reflecting my belief that the beauty of hand made pottery is in the uniqueness of each piece. This range has proved to be very successful, and a number of arts organizations have commissioned crockery from this range to be used in their offices.

Colourful jugs
Jonathan Keep. Teapot
Sculpted teapot